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20080308 Line up!!

a short summary:
Narrator: last time, it was a nervous 1st mtg with dbsk. and the competition with dbsk. "line up" picked the games. but the result: "line up" lost 100%! but the filming doesn't end until "line up" beats dbsk at least once. could they go home tonight? "for just once, we wanna beat dbsk!"
[in the locker room]
YH: i'm so sleepy.
JJ: what's left left?
JS: what time is it?
YH: i think we might spend the night here... unless we lose, they'll have us here forever.
JJ: health is the best.
YH: i really think we might have to spend the night until they win.
YC: should we lose? [lol! i think that'll be their strategy!]
YH: but i think boom is still alive.
JJ: i thought that kim gura would be stronger.
CM: would there be a way to lose?
JS: even if we lose, we have to do it slightly, so that they won't notice. [lol! very slick! so cool!^^]
["line up" locker room]
KYM: this is hard... isn't there a way to win?
LKK: it's not a matter of whether we can win. the question is whether your line or my line will get the mud pool penalty. [lol!]
KYM: but even that, we can do that only if one of our lines wins.
LKK: boom, get YH.
SJH: i don't know if he'll come.
[lol! look at where boom goes!]
LKK: not that! the real YH!
KGR: oh, let's do this! when YH comes, you just yell at us. so that we get him afraid a bit!
Sub: an impromptu hidden camera! [lol!]
[LKK starts practicing what he'll do.]
Sub: scenario 1) LKK hits LYS. 2) KGR yells at YH to go buy some bread. [lol!]
KYM: i'm telling you now, YH won't even come. boom won't be able to bring him here.
[boom goes to dbsk's locker room. look at YC in the background! so cute!!]
Sub: acting as if he has something to say to YH.
[back in the "line up" locker room]
KGR: is he here?
LKK: come here! / SJH: don't do it...
YH: what's going on...
LKK: can't you do any better? you can't beat dbsk!
Sub: YH notices... [lol! the hidden cam didn't work out!]
LKK: the only way to beat dbsk is to manipulate things. [lol!]
SJH: is there yet another game?
KYM: our plan is not to send them home.
LKK: dbsk is a bit tired now.
KYM: i think they're even thinking of losing on purpose. but don't do that, please~ [^^]
Sub: but they secretly want dbsk to lose on purpose.^^
Boom: i was in the track team. / SJH: but you lost to me once!
Boom: not just running, though. it's running down a slope. for 50m total.
LKK: who from dbsk?
YH: we've been waiting for this. our secret weapon JJ.
JJ: but i should be burning with the competitive desire to win, but it's all gone.
Line Up: why?
JJ: um... just watch this show later. [lol!] so i'll compete with a member 1st, then run for real.
KYM: with whom?
JJ: the one with the longest legs, CM.

a short summary:
KYM: since JJ said that to warm up, he wants to do a run with CM 1st, let's watch.
Line Up: wait, i haven't pressed the stop watch! [but JJ & CM keeps running! and running. and running. lol!]
YH: um... i think i'd like to change the member for this game.
KYM: omg, they're fighting! [lol!] oh, this is how dbsk plays around.
Boom: [he keeps calling dbsk names wrong, on purpose...] let's send JJ right away now.
Line Up: as soon as you go up, you have to run.
JJ: wait, just 5 seconds... [lol!]
YH: really, why did he do something no one even asked? [lol!]
KGR: oh, we won!
Sub: unbelievably slow record. this is the chance! we can beat 7.58 seconds! a chance for "line up!" [lol!]
JJ: maybe i shouldn't have run... [^^]
[LKK runs for kyu-line & SJH runs for yong-line. SJH beats JJ's score.]
JJ: filming is hard...
[Boom goes next for yong-line. and beats JJ's score again.]
Sub: will this be the mud pool penalty for yong=line? can't let that happen.
KYM: then we have to have dbsk run again, too.
KGR: why? why? we won!
KYM: but he ran when he was tired! [lol!]
[the yong-line is totally cheering for JS to win, so that they can have dbsk win, to avoid the mud pool penalty now, and go to another game. lol! still, dbsk wins!]
KGR: then let's do penalty kick in the grass there!
[kyu-line tries to have the game end on a penalty kick, and yong-line tries to go on to another game. so they keep arguing.^^]
SJH: but they said we can't use the grass part. [lol!]
YC: "line up" is doing well enough that we should be able to go into the grass, no?
YH: is this all "line up" is?! [lol!]
LKK: all of a sudden, dbsk has been talking more... [lol!]

a short summary:
[continued. the yong-line is still trying to go onto another game, so that they can avoid the mud pool penalty]
KYM: let's just do the next game. next game.
[but "line up" has used up all of the prepared games. so the production team is coming up with a game, impromptu. it's "who can kick a ball into the goal at the top of a slope" game. aw, how cute is YC going up the slope to get the ball!^^]
[1st up, SJH from yong-line.]
Sub: so close... too weak...
[next up, KGR from kyu-line.]
LKK: next up is KGR, the field's wild horse. [huh? lol!]
KGR: i'm gonna try this. like the cushion move in pool.
Boom: let's try to beat dbsk!
[for dbsk, it's YH!]
YH: if i put this in, then it'll be the 1st here, so... [the end part is kinda muffled.]
SJH: is your mouth frozen a bit?
Sub: it's cold enough to freeze the mouth...
YH: a little bit. [aw... T_T]
[2nd round, YJS for yong-line.]
Sub: what the?! [omg, that was way too close! so close! look at JS! so cute!!]
Kyu-line: that's awesome!
[next up for kyu-line, LKK]
KGR: don't do front kick, but do an inside kick and with no spin.
[wow, LKK's went in!

a short summary^^
[at this point, kyu-line is winning both dbsk and yong-line with 1 goal.]
Kyu-line: escape from mud! escape from mud!! [lol!]
[up next for dbsk, it's YC!]
KYM: i hope that dbsk wins at least. [to YC] just kick the ball really hard.
[ah! look at YC's warm-up moves! so cute!!]
SJH: oh, very interesting way of warming up! / Sub: he tries everything that looks interesting.
[yong-line wants to have KYM kick, but kyu-line wants to prevent it, since KYM is really good at soccer.]
Kyu-line: wait, you kicked already!
KYM: I didn't!
Kyu-line: did, too!
KYM: I didn't! [to cameraman] rewind the film.
YH: [acting like a reporter] we're on an SBS film set. it's a chaos here. we'll keep you up to date.
Sub: KYM is gonna kick after all... (only wasted time...)
KGR: i think KYM has lost all strength from all the arguing.
KYM: i feel like i've run a marathon.
KYM: if you guys kick again, and you don't get it in, but dbsk kicks, and they get it in, then dbsk wins.
KGR: wait, we have to go again?!
[kyu-line has already won, but yong-line suggests to go for one more round. LKK agrees, since kyu-line is ahead.]
YC: JS will go [for dbsk]!
LKK: ok, i'll let you do whatever you guys want. / CM: lol! whatever we want.
[kyu-line wants to send Boom, but now yong-line tries to prevent it by arguing again.^^]
KYM: you kicked already!
Boom: i haven't kicked yet!
Yong-line: did, too!
Boom: didn't!
YH: [again acting like a reporter^^] again, it's become a chaotic scene again. it's not been settled yet. and we'll continue to keep you up to date.
[in the bkgr noise, you can hear JS and YC talking about the next kick^^]
JS: one kick left for me, right?
YC: yeah, one kick left. [they're so cute!!]
[after all the arguing and chaos, boom is up for the next kick]
Sub: it's really time for all to go home...
[boom kicks it in]
Boom: we beat dbsk!!
YH: [again acting like a reporter] the incident has finally ended in this way...
JJ: i told you that i wouldn't wanna be in KKM's team! [KKM in in yong-line.^^ JJ made the comment in the hidden camera part on 2/23 episode.]
[kyu-line is just excited about putting yong-line in the mud pool]
KGR: it's minus 11 degrees celsius!!
LKK: [to dbsk] don't go yet. you have to see yong-line fall into the mud pool before you go!
LYS: dbsk, hooray!^^
Narrator: finally, yong-line's up for the penalty! there are 5 rope lines to choose from, and 1 will be the mud line! So the chances are 1/5! they all want yong-line's leader KYM to fall.
[now yong-line members all hang by a rope, and choose a number. LKK cuts the rope with that number. If that rope isn't connected, then the member falls into the mud]
YSJ: #5. [safe!] i'm alive!
KKM: [#2. safe!]
KYM: ok... #3! no! #1! no.. #3! [safe!] i lived!
SJH: #4! [safe!]
Narrator: only 1 number left! who will fall into the mud pool?!
[now with 1 rope left, they do a rock-paper-scissors to decide who will have to choose the last line]
YJS: i really don't want this!
Sub: chance for mud is now 100%!
Yong-line: it's worse that we have to do this knowing this is it.
[dbsk members are so into this! they look so cute!]

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TVXQ comeback!!!!

20080224 Live@INKIGAYO



Saturday, February 23, 2008

Super Junior @ Super show songs list

Super Show

1. Twins
3. 돈돈! (Don't Don)
4. 갈증 (A Man In Love) and introduce theirselves after that
5. She is Gone
6. Sapphire Blue
7. KRY: The Night Chicago Died
8. You are My Endless Love
9. Kyuhyun solo with Ryowook playing piano
10.Super junior T: 로꾸거!!!(Rokuko)
11. T: 첫차 fist love
12. T: 나같은건없는건가요 (Don't go away)
13. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (Nothing Like Me)
14. Kibum solo
15. 히트 (H.I.T)

16. unconfirmed!!
17. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
18. Marry U +Short Talk
19. YMCA
20. Wonderboy
21. Hankyung, Donghae, Siwon, Kibum, Shindong with Sexyback dancing!
22. 첫눈이 와 (First Snow)
23. 마지막 승부 (The Girl is Mine)
24. U (remix?)
25. 행복 (Happiness)
26. 차근차근 (Way For Love)
27. Believe

creadit : a๐R_KihEa @ siamzone

Suju Thai's concert
Suju Thai's concert will be held in Late april- early may 2008
"Now There's a confirm news of super junior 's first concert " Super show" in Thailand from Thailand's Promoter that Thai's concert will be held in Late april- early may 2008. So let's get E.L.F. who wants to participate Super junior Thailand first concert be prapared for the exact date of the concert recently.For further information I will tell you guys whenever I got the news from Thailand' promoter."credit: lovelysj @ Please take out with full credit[ Last edited by sNoWfLaKeS at 18-1-2008 22:07 ]